CDA Electronics

Providing modellers with electronic products for over 40 years!

Why Choose Us?

CDA Electronics is Australian owned and operated, all products are made locally from local and imported products and have been providing Modellers with product for more than 40 years.

“When an individual first becomes interested in Model Railways the enormous scope of the hobby soon becomes apparent. Whilst connecting a few pieces of track together, coupling up a power supply and setting the trains in motion gives some initial satisfaction, the desire to expand the layout, to have better controls and to be more realistic and authenticity grows. Much enjoyment and satisfaction can be gained from starting in a small way and progressively building up the layout. The range of CDA Electronics is designed to provide all the electrical requirements for your system. Whether you are just starting a layout or have been an avid enthusiast for many years CDA provides the Controllers you need. Our range encompasses pure Power packs, Throttle Power packs, Circuit controllers, panel mounted and hand held Controllers as well as a large range of other components. CDA also has a large range of HO scale operating Model Railway Signals to enhance your layout. 


CDA Electronics controllers and signals are available in store and online from the following retailers;


J&J Hobbies


M&K Electronics


Casula Hobbies

Australian Modeller

Micro Hobbyland




Ace RC models